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Reza Ekhtera

My bio
I was born in 1959 in Tehran Iran have been raised in a business family with strong political inhibition including two  Iranian prime ministers of last three centuries along the head of the Iranian military  and other officers. and leaders.
My connoisseur heritage coupled with management and public skills breeding have propelled me in facilitating major industrial , commercial projects.
Currently involved in a new 1550 acres  modern town, an amusement public peer as well as a an american University ,,, with numerous hotels , commercial and municipal structures pending licenses.
My training includes but not limited to Electrical science and system engineering, industrial chemistry and business administration.
As a licensed and rated pilot keeping up with the latest regulations and providing charity flights have been my pleasure coupled with participation in at least 22 US based 501 c exchange charities locally.
Currently i am a resident of Wilmette enjoying my two teenager daughters flourishing by the most gorgeous women in the world.
Keeping a focus in horizon will help me get over the obstacles in business development regardless .

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