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Our family history in persian rug industry

Exotic rug family back ground

We have been in Persian rug business for over five continuous generations. The family has produced finest Persian rugs for dignitaries, kings, queens and.....We are a very well known and regarded Rug family of Ira.

Exotic Rugs will assist you in finding the right choice, sales, trade, barter, repair, restore, clean and store your rugs.

We are an authority in Appraisal of your rugs, whether online or in person.

  • My Name is Reza Ekhtera
  • I have had the pleasure of learning abut Persian rugs from my late father for 50 plus years, my grandfather for 30 plus years.
  • We are at 806 Dempster Evanston il 60202, our tel 630-373-5190
  • We have been an active rug dealer for 30 plus years in Chicago.
  • we have the original wool, original silk , warp, weft for the authentic professional repairs.
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